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How iThinkPanel works

STEP 1 - Take Surveys

You will learn about surveys available for you either through email sent to the email address you use in your profile or through the list on your individual dashboard (your homepage after you create a profile).

Take as many or as few surveys as you like. Watch your balance grow each time you complete an online survey or discussion group.

Be sure to check your spam filter. In addition, add support@surveyhelpcenter.com to your safe list. It’s a good idea to check that regularly.

STEP 2 - Pay Attention

It’s important to give your full attention to each survey you take. Our sponsors need your honest, thoughtful opinions and will disqualify anyone whose answers do not make sense, or who finished a survey too quickly. Sadly, many times we are forced to embed “attention questions” in every survey to ensure people are not just speeding through.

Your participation must be confirmed by the Client sponsor in order to receive your rewards.

Speed Hump

STEP 3 - Get Rewarded

Once your rewards balance reaches $35, you will be able to select from the many different rewards offered, or you may choose to donate to any of the many charities. Our rewards partners is growing daily and currently includes things like Amazon gift cards, iTunes cards, magazine subscriptions, and even virtual currencies such as Facebook and Farmville credits.

The reward amount for each survey will vary and you will be able to see the amount and the expected time to complete each survey before you begin.

You will not get rich participating in our surveys, but we want to say “thank you” for participating. There is NO CHARGE for membership and you may opt out at any time.